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My Story

It all began because I was homesick.

Picture this, Thanksgiving 2004 and it's my first year living in Scotland. There was no holiday time off, no big family dinner, no cousins, no loving madness, so naturally I did what any self respecting 26 year would do. I call my Mother. 

She walked me through how to cook my first turkey, how to make her stuffing that my dad loves so much and how to properly make gravy from the roasting pan. 

That was the start of my cooking journey. I found that the more effort I put into making dinners from scratch, the better they tasted and the more adventurous I got with what I wanted to make. That curiosity has never quelled. 

Flash forward to 2020 and I wanted to see if I could actually make money doing this thing I loved. I started making cupcakes and selling them on instagram. It seemed to be working and now I have jumped into the world of catering because I want to do more than just cake. Food is amazing and I hope you will enjoy my cooking as much as I do. 


Homemade Pasta


Snickerdoodle cupcakes

Focaccia bites

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